Logo Duplication

Logo Duplication

Make sure your logo is as flexible and versatile as your brand.

Too many businesses out there have well-designed, eye-catching logos, but have no idea how to use them. If you don’t have a vectorized version for your logo, it could end up looking awful when printed or displayed in certain sizes – no matter how good it looks at the start.

What does ‘vectorized’ mean?

Basically, vector images are made up of 2D points which are connected by lines and curves using mathematical equations, as opposed to raster images which are made up of pixels. If you blow up a raster image, it gets blurry. But a vector image can be scaled to any size. Imagine your logo printed on a billboard or banner, too blurry to even make out...it’s definitely best to have a vector file to avoid that embarrassment.

If we’re designing your logo, we’ll always deliver vector file versions. But, if you’ve already got a logo you like and just need to make sure it can be scaled up, we can convert it into a quality vector image that will maintain the integrity of your design, but with infinitely more flexibility.

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